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This is a graph that shows the profit of our system and how exactly it has been trading. By clicking on the graph, you can view a more detailed statistics. That is not a demo account or emulation. That is a real money account and all the results have been verified by the independent company Myfxbook.


Logic and principle of work

Our Expert Advisor has a special feature - it consists of two blocks that work together.

Forex Truck is a smart trading robot that works 100% automatically. The strategy and algorithms used in our EA made it possible to achieve full compatibility with any broker, so there is no need to select a broker with special trading conditions - any broker will do. Moreover, we have made Forex Truck in such a way that it can work with two platforms: MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. Therefore, by purchasing one license of our robot, you will receive both versions of the EA (MT4 and MT5) at once without any additional payments.

The First Block

The first block is responsible for opening orders. It finds good entry points and only uses a fixed lot. Sometimes it opens only one order, and sometimes it can open the second one, depending on the signals of the algorithm. One way or another, the first block accompanies each trade and tries to close it in good profit. But if the situation on the Market changes, the EA does everything possible to close trades in a small profit, or even in a small loss, in order to avoid prolonged drawdowns. In most cases, the first block does an excellent job, but if the situation goes beyond the usual for this block, then the second block gets involved.

The second block comes into operation only if the situation for the first one looks difficult to fix, and has already been going on for some time. This block is designed to quickly fix everything and close all trades in total profit. The algorithm of this block resorts to opening additional orders based on the Market situation. These orders could be opened by the EA with a small increase of lot sizes, which will allow to quickly resolve the situation with unsuccessful trades. Moreover, ultimately this allows to get a profit, and not a loss.

The Second Block

Risk Control

In our Forex Truck robot, we have implemented a reliable system for limiting drawdowns, which will ensure the safety of your funds, and in case of failure, will not allow you to lose more than you were ready to. The EA sets StopLoss and also monitors the status of orders in real time so that, if necessary, close them by the Market (forcibly). All this works in accordance with a “risk” value specified in the settings of the EA.


These are the results of testing our Forex Truck EA on historical data (backtest), on the basis of which we can make forecasts of how the EA will behave in the future, and determine how profitable and reliable it is. These backtest results complement the statistics of trading on our real account, which has been successfully trading for a long time.
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Forex Truck USDCAD Aggressive style It made $11 776 000 from just $1000
It made $75 700 from just $5000


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